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Social Injustice Warriors

Posted by on December 22, 2016

The Social Justice Warriors are ruining a lot of things. Or so we are led to believe. I know there’s some really special snowflakes out there, and the third wave feminists seem to be harming feminism more than doing good. But the SJW’s? I hardly see or hear them to be honest.

You know who I do see and hear everywhere? The social injustice warriors. “There’s only 2 genders!”, “Before we know it we’ll have people identifying as a garbage truck!” Hundreds upon hundreds of meme’s, comments, posts, news articles, etc exclaiming how upset they are with the rights demanded by the special snowflakes.

You know who they remind me of? The people who said that if black people got normal human rights, we might as well give them to monkeys. The people who said that if gay marriage was becoming a thing, people would start having sex with ducks.

I don’t advice to try and debunk their arguments. When you make a weak argument you get destroyed. When you make a strong argument it was only a joke, only for a laugh, and on top of that you’re labeled as a SJW.

As a trans-girl I’m relatively lucky. Here in the Netherlands I’ve been accepted, I have a good job, coworkers who accept me and never make a fuss about things. And yet I hear things from other countries, girls not as lucky as me. Things that scare me.

Girls are being murdered, are driven to suicide, simply for being who they are. Did you know I’m not allowed to drive a car in Russia as they have declared being trans a mental illness that makes you unable to be trusted on the roads? Is it too much to want the same acceptance for others that I get myself here in the Netherlands?

This equality is what the SIW’s (yes, the Social Injustice Warriors) are undermining every chance they get. Just because there are some people who say or do things that seem ridiculous to some people, they undermine the rights of all minorities. Because when you are defending basic rights you aren´t heard.

Here’s the thing. You are simply not interesting enough to gather attention when fighting rationally for basic rights. But attacking those fighting for rights is easy. Take one over the top statement, add a dash of wild claims and mix with a spoonful of generalizations. The majority will click “upvote” or “like” for making such a daring statement.

And yes, of course there are the ridiculous ones as well. The people who are so against the discrimination of those with disabilities, that they fight for the right of people in wheelchairs to use the stairs. But you have those everywhere. Every minority has idiots.

Now that I think of it, the majority has them too. Let’s call them Social Injustice Warriors.

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