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Posted by on July 18, 2016

So next friday Starbound will come out officialy.

1.0… its finally here

I’m running my own server, and as with any sandbox game there come mods.

I myself have written one mod so far for it, Better Barren. Where the vanilla Barren planets consists of windy sounds, dry sand and rock, and no weather to speak of, my mod makes the world more like the lush garden worlds, but without ores, monsters or trees. A lush world ready for you to shape.

Matter Manipulator manipulator is another great mod that I myself love to use. Once you have upgraded your Matter manipulator to a certain size it doesnt allow you to go back to the smaller sizes. This mod allows you to downsize your area of efffect as well as toggle whether you collect liquids too. Very useful for building!

Frackin Universe is an awesome collection that adds science, beer and bee keeping. I’m waiting for it to be released to 1.0 officially before installing it, but it’s an awesome mod that gives many extra hours of progression as well as a lot of new possibilities on what can be done 🙂

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